Consultant Orthopaedic Lower Limb Surgeon


A total knee replacement is an operation to replace the damaged or worn parts of the knee joint.
Cruciate ligament reconstruction involves replacing the torn anterior cruciate ligament with a graft.
Or Arthroscopy literally means “looking into joints” using a telescopic instrument. The most common joint to be arthroscoped is the knee joint.
Revision knee surgery involves the removal of the failed implant and replacement with a new knee implant.
Partial Knee Replacement (uni-compartmental replacement and patella-femoral replacement).
Multiple Ligament Reconstruction (including Cruciate Ligament with Postero-lateral corner and Collateral ligament damage).
Knee Cap Dislocation or Patello-femoral (Knee Cap) Surgery due to knee cap dislocation.
Osteotomy of the Knee is a painful knee condition due to deformity (varus & valgus deformity).